Tips for Talking With Your Parents About Senior Living Choices

You’re starting to see some changes in your parents as they’re aging. You think it’s time to make a plan for the future rather than waiting for a crisis to occur … but you’re not sure how to start the conversation.

You’re not alone. Many adult children don’t know how to bring up the subject of independent or senior living with their aging parents. They don’t want to be presumptive or have their parents think they’re pushing them into a decision. Before sitting down with your parents to talk about what can be a challenging life transition, do your homework, with your siblings if possible, and then have a discussion, or a series of discussions, with your parents.

Plan ahead

Create a list of your concerns. Organize your thoughts with input from all siblings. Are you worried about your parents living in a house that’s too large for them to manage? Is Dad becoming forgetful? Are the stairs to the basement laundry becoming a concern?

Familiarize yourself with different care options. There are many types of senior living communities and different levels of care and they are as diverse as their residents. Some cater to adults ages 55+ with no healthcare support. Other communities provide multiple levels of care on one campus. Your goal is to find options for them to explore.

Talk to your parents

Once you’ve organized your thoughts and done some research on different types of senior living communities, pick a time when you can have a relaxed, in-person conversation with your parents about their goals and plans as they age. Do they want to travel? Are they happy in the family home or do they want a smaller place that’s easier to maintain? Do they feel comfortable driving? Talk about making a plan, rather than waiting for a crisis.

Your parents may be resistant when you bring up moving. A simple, “where do you see yourself in the next few years?” can serve as a starting point.

Throughout your lifetime, your parents have supported, advocated, and cared for you. What happens when you notice the caregiving roles begin to shift? Change can come gradually or suddenly and if you’re concerned about your parent’s health and safety, it’s never too soon to talk about senior living choices. Don’t force the issue. Be prepared and really listen and respect what they have to say.

Be prepared to discuss different senior living options

Independent living means saying goodbye to the hassles associated with owning and maintaining a large house and yard. Independent living provides them freedom to spend time the way they choose. Your parent even has the option to plan ahead for future healthcare needs in a Life Plan Community that offers independent living, assisted living, memory care, and long-term skilled nursing care on the same campus.

Assisted living may be the right solution if your loved one is struggling with daily activities. They would enjoy their own comfortable and private living space equipped with safety features and housed in a neighborhood with 24-hour personal care support. Many assisted living communities provide a choice of care levels to ensure your loved one finds the right balance of assistance and independence to meet their unique needs.

Secure memory care and support neighborhoods are warm and inviting, staffed with compassionate, trained professionals who understand that no two days are alike for older adults with memory challenges. Structured activities and innovative programming help residents reach their fullest potential every day.

Long-term care provides 24-hour nursing care under the supervision of a medical director. Consistent staffing, nutritious meals, and daily life enrichment activities contribute to the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of every resident.

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