The Magic of Holiday Nostalgia

The holidays bring magic to many – from the young to the young at heart. Over time, that magic becomes nostalgic as we remember the traditions, music, food, smells, sights, and people that come with this time of year. Nostalgia does not mean an individual remembers every detail of years past, but the feelings and emotions tied to those times.

Nostalgia can sometimes be bittersweet, encompassing feelings of loss from being unable to relive the past. But often those feelings turn to appreciation for how much has been enjoyed over the years and all the love that was and is present in our lives.

Feeling Connected to Others

Older adults who are away from home for the holidays, such as those who reside in a senior living community or healthcare center, are especially likely to feel nostalgic during the holidays. This doesn’t mean those individuals feel more bitter than sweet. In fact, nostalgia has the ability to bring about healing and happiness. The American Psychological Association (APA) states that by being reminded of events, customs, beliefs, or rituals, nostalgia can help older adults feel connected to others, even during times of stress or loneliness. Feeling connected to others is important during all seasons of our lives.

Other Benefits of Nostalgia

In addition to combating loneliness and bringing about a sense of connectedness, there are many other benefits of nostalgia including:

  • Higher self-esteem
  • Maintaining a positive outlook
  • Reassurance of the richness of our lives
  • Sense of continuity despite changes over time
  • Reduction in boredom and anxiety
  • Reminder of challenges we’ve overcome and how we’ve survived
  • Reminder that the bonds we share with loved ones survive physical separation

Making New Memories

Nostalgia only happens after we’ve amassed years of memories. But it’s never too late to make some new ones! At Friendship Village Columbus, we make it easy to make new memories. Genuinely friendly neighbors and staff become like family and create a culture where residents can enjoy a life of continued growth and discovery. Our activities and programs are specifically designed to fulfill lifelong dreams. Whatever your passions or traditions are, you’ll have more time to pursue what matters most to you. We offer a wide variety of resident activities on campus including:

  • Musical quintet
  • Voice and bell choirs
  • Musical instrument ensemble
  • Book club
  • Walking club
  • Gardening
  • Woodworking
  • And much more!

Living at Friendship Village Columbus

At Friendship Village Columbus, we live up to our name. We’re a senior living community filled with friendship, purpose, and peace of mind. If you (or a loved one) are looking for a place to call home, come make memories at our community. Between activities, clubs, dining options, and neighbors and friends, there’s always something to do and someone to see here. Don’t spend another holiday season alone; come to Friendship Village Columbus and bring some holiday magic into your life!

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