The Benefits and Value of a Life Plan Community

Find the right style of retirement community to fit your lifestyle and healthcare planning needs

Planning and determining where you will live during your retirement years can be overwhelming as there are so many different options available. Many older adults prefer to maintain an active and social lifestyle, but are ready to give up the home maintenance and stress that comes with homeownership. This is completely understandable and is why life plan communities have emerged. If you enjoy an active and social life, but are comforted by the fact that your healthcare needs are taken care of as you age, it’s time to consider life plan community living!

You may be familiar with the term CCRC or continuing care retirement communities, but what’s the difference between a CCRC and a life plan community? Life plan communities promote more of an active and social lifestyle as well as planning for future healthcare needs. A traditional CCRC model tends to have more of a focus on passive care. According to, a life plan community should:

1) Offer multiple levels of care on-site

2) Focus on an active and social lifestyle for their residents

3) Encourage residents to be active in their communities by giving back, participating in social events and being socially responsible

Benefits of a Life Plan Community

There are many benefits of a life plan community. At Friendship Village Columbus, we believe “planning” and “living” should merge as one. Having a plan in place that allows a safety net of healthcare, coupled with the freedom of not having to manage day-to-day tasks, allows older adults to live life to the fullest. Other benefits of a life plan community include:

1) The ability for our residents to age in place

2) If or when the resident’s needs change, higher levels of care are available on-site

3) Guaranteed access to assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing

The biggest difference between a life plan community and other retirement communities is that life plan communities allow you to enjoy all community amenities, the residence of your choice and preferred access to a full continuum of healthcare services. 

The value of a Life Plan Community

At Friendship Village Columbus, you may be pleasantly surprised how affordable life at the Village can be. Our Life Plan Community offers many choices under one roof and flexible contracts. On July 1st, 2018 FVC introduced a new pricing structure that allows for even more flexibility for your future, a lower entry fee and discounted healthcare costs. These Life Plan Community contracts are:

No entry fee - Newly reduced monthly fee, and only pay for services that you use

Reduced entry fee - Guaranteed discount of marketing rates for future healthcare costs, plus other benefits.



For an in-depth breakdown of our new pricing structure and the contract options available, visit our Life Plan FAQ page. This page will provide common Q & As and also outline what the monthly fee covers. By choosing Friendship Village Columbus as your life plan community, you’re simply combining the freedom and benefits of independent living with preferred access to on-site care for life. You have the assurance of a full continuum of quality care for unlimited days at a predicable cost.

Our community is days away from celebrating our 40th anniversary. We have a proud history and a very bright future. There is no better time than now to start living the Village life. Our community is passionate about incorporating a wellness model that encompasses spiritual, physical and emotional health at every age.

If you’re an older adult who is wanting to get the most out of every precious moment in life, come see what life at the Village is all about by scheduling a visit today. Call 614-890-8282. We look forward to speaking with you!