Answers to frequently asked questions about Friendship Village and senior living in Columbus

Friendship Village Columbus (FVC) is a Life Plan Community, which means we offer a plan for your future. A Life Plan Community combines the safety net provided by the availability of healthcare with the freedom from the day-to-day tasks that come with homeownership, enabling residents to live life to the fullest. The freedom and benefits of independent living combine with guaranteed access to assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing, when needed, at a predictable cost for life. A Life Plan Community like Friendship Village Columbus provides the perfect opportunity to plan, live, and love your retirement.

As older adults plan for retirement, they must consider how they’re going to maintain their home and their health. A Life Plan Community gives you peace of mind by providing access to healthcare alongside easing the burden of keeping up with all the day-to-day tasks that come with homeownership. Studies show that older adults who choose to move to a Life Plan community are happier and healthier.

Choosing a Life Plan Community also takes the stress of decision making off the shoulders of your family members and loved ones, as they can trust that you have access to all the care you need for every stage of your life. Life Plan allows you to live without uncertainty.

With a variety of contract options, a Life Plan Community like Friendship Village Columbus offers you financial stability. Rental, Life Choice, or Life Care are all tailored to fit your individual circumstances and financial needs.

Each contract type allows you to enjoy all community amenities, the residence of your choice, and preferred access on the full continuum of healthcare services.

When you choose a Life Plan Community like Friendship Village Columbus, you put a plan in place for the future. As your needs change, you don’t have to move. Everything is right here under one roof: independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. FVC offers a variety of contract options, including Life Care, Life Choice, and rental agreements. This pricing structure provides more flexibility for your future.

  • The Life Care agreement provides the greatest control over limiting your future healthcare costs. For a one-time full entry fee, you receive secured, set pricing for unlimited use of assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing over the course of your lifetime. The return of capital option is 50 percent refundable. Because this option is a type of pre-paid healthcare, there is also the potential for significant tax-related savings.
  • FVC’s Life Choice agreement allows you to pay a lower entrance fee and receive a discount on future healthcare costs as well as up to 10 free days in the Health Care Center or short-term assisted living in a calendar year. The return of capital option is 50 percent refundable.
  • The rental agreement is designed for those who prefer no upfront entrance fee. Our rental agreement includes the same full range of amenities as the Life Care and Life Choice agreements. Monthly fees are higher.

Having a plan that provides a safety net that includes access to healthcare and freedom from the day-to-day tasks of homeownership allows residents to live life to the fullest.

Monthly fees cover:

Yes. Friendship Village Columbus has short and long-term leasing contracts available for independent living apartments.

Pets are welcomed in Friendship Village Columbus apartments. Please contact a marketing representative at (614) 890-8282 or click here for more information.

Assisted living costs vary by community and even by state. There are some financial assistance programs, such as Medicaid, veteran’s programs, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Social Security. Other funding sources include reverse mortgages, life insurance benefits, assisted living loans, and long-term care insurance. Visit for more information about financial assistance and funding options for assisted living/senior living. This resource includes an assisted living financial resource locator tool, as well as tips for developing a financial plan for assisted living. There’s even a home care vs. assisted living cost calculator for reference.

The cost for assisted living, home care, and adult day care varies by state. Learn more about  financial assistance and senior care costs in Ohio. This webpage will help Ohio residents understand assisted living, home care, and adult day care costs throughout the state. It also explores the payment options and financial assistance programs available to assist in caring for the elderly in residential care or for aging in place at home

Life Plan Communities offer compassionate care as well as countless opportunities to enrich residents’ lives. By hosting social and educational events, providing healthy meals and exercise programs, and creating an environment where residents can truly feel at home, Life Plan Communities support and encourage an enriching lifestyle.

At Friendship Village Columbus, we go above and beyond to make sure residents have access to the things that matter most to them. We offer a wide variety of clubs and committees, accessible wellness activities, a beautiful campus, and a caring staff devoted to our residents. 

According to the ongoing Age Well Study, residents of Life Plan Communities say they have greater levels of wellness than older adults in-home and community-based settings. The survey noted that Life Plan residents reported healthier behaviors when compared to in-home and community-based settings.