Happy at Home: The Emotional Benefits of a Life Plan Community

You should be able to enjoy your retirement without worrying about “what happens next” or “where do I go if something happens”. Having a plan in place allows you to live the retirement you’ve always imagined. Life Plan Communities, like Friendship Village Columbus, allow you to be happy at home. What Is a Life Plan […]
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Spring Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Home and Possessions

With quarantines, social distancing, and coronavirus dominating the headlines, many people may feel like life is on hold right now. It can be helpful to look ahead to the future, to use this time to start making plans, thinking about what lies ahead. With that in mind, spring is right around the corner. For 78% […]
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Love Your Life in an Active Senior Living Community

February is the month dedicated to love, hearts, and valentines, but love extends beyond family, spouses, and friendships. Do you love what you do and where you live? Maybe you love your family home, but don’t love the time involved with upkeep. If you’re interested in the idea of moving to a worry-free senior living […]
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Memory Loss in Older Adults: Is It Just Forgetfulness or Something More?

As families gathered together for the holidays, many adult children might have noticed subtle (or drastic) changes in their parents. Maybe Mom was repeating herself often or Dad misplaced his glasses. You might not be sure if the changes happening are age-related or if they indicate something more, such as the potential of dementia or […]
Holiday Nostalgia and Older Adults

The Magic of Holiday Nostalgia

The holidays bring magic to many – from the young to the young at heart. Over time, that magic becomes nostalgic as we remember the traditions, music, food, smells, sights, and people that come with this time of year. Nostalgia does not mean an individual remembers every detail of years past, but the feelings and […]
Older adults and loneliness at the holidays

Older Adults and Loneliness During the Holidays

For many, the holidays are a time of togetherness, joy and a sense of peace. For others, however, the holidays can be a time of loneliness and sadness. This can be especially true for older adults. Loneliness and the holidays Older adults have been through more experiences than their younger counterparts and are subject to […]
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What is Life Care?

When it’s time to begin researching senior living options, you may feel overwhelmed by the many choices available. While there are a number of options, the good news is that you will find an option that suits your unique needs. A Life Plan Community, like Friendship Village Columbus, is a great option for those who […]
The truth about memory care

The Truth About Memory Care

Today, nearly 6 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease. That number is projected to reach nearly 14 million by 2050. While the statistics are startling, there is help, and hope, for families with loved ones experiencing Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related conditions. Dementia encompasses a number of conditions and symptoms that can vary greatly. Consider scheduling […]
Talking to your parents about senior living

Tips for Talking With Your Parents About Senior Living Choices

You’re starting to see some changes in your parents as they’re aging. You think it’s time to make a plan for the future rather than waiting for a crisis to occur … but you’re not sure how to start the conversation. You’re not alone. Many adult children don’t know how to bring up the subject […]
Summer safety for older adults

Summer Safety Tips for Older Adults

It’s been one hot summer in central Ohio. Hot weather can be uncomfortable at any age, but it’s especially worrisome for vulnerable populations like animals, young children, and older adults. Heat-related health dangers are no joke. Hot weather poses many potential health risks such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and even death. Collectively, heat-related […]